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                    Specialty coverage solutions tailored to your needs

                    Munich Re offers bespoke coverage solutions for executive risks, professional risks and financial institutions backed by a substantial capacity.

                    Bespoke specialty coverage solution that fits your specific risk situation

                    Business decisions always involve unknowns, and strong governance demands full awareness of the risks involved. Risks faced by professional and financial institutions remain complex and ever-changing.?Munich Re?offers coverage solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

                    Many?clients require bespoke coverage solutions to respond to their individual operational exposures.?Munich Re?F?& C?works closely with clients and brokers to meet these needs.

                    Type of participation
                    • Primary and/or excess
                    • On market standards or bespoke wordings
                    • Coinsurance or 100% layers
                    • Worldwide coverage for domestic and global risks

                    Our specialty insurance offerings

                    • Directors and Officers (D&O) incl. side A, B, C, and side A DIC
                    • Public offerings of securities (POSI)
                    • Employment practice liability (EPL)
                    • Pension trustee liability (PTL)

                    We offer specialty coverages for all commercial sectors. Existing clients are active in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, and insurance.

                    • Comprehensive crime
                    • BBB and computer crime?
                    • Professional indemnity?
                    • Directors & Officers?
                    • Investment managers insurance?
                    • Operational risk
                    • Capital relief products
                    • Pension trustee liability??
                    We offer Specialty coverages for:
                    • Large multinational banks
                    • Small/medium banking institutions
                    • Private investment banks?
                    • Development banks & NGOs
                    • Stockbrokers
                    • Investment managers
                    • Insurance companies?
                    • Professional indemnity
                    • Professional liability
                    • Design & Construct
                    We offer Specialty coverages for:
                    • Architects, engineers and contractors
                    • Property consultants (estate agents, surveyors)
                    • Technology including media & telecom
                    • Miscellaneous, e.g. classification agents, business process outsourcers

                    4 reasons why you should talk to us

                    Discuss your risks with our experts at eye level:?Munich Re?is a strong, stable and established specialty risk insurer. Our specialty teams are staffed with knowledgeable underwriters with long-standing market experience. We offer a comprehensive suite of specialty products and act on a lead or support basis, depending on our clients’ needs. Both clients and brokers value our flexible and high-level service approach.
                    The threat of litigation and investigation is growing across industry segments. Steer clear of executive?risks:Our?wide range of executive risks products fits all commercial sectors. We provide worldwide coverage for domestic and global risks.
                    Get smart professional indemnity coverage:?Our professional indemnity insurance products fit a wide range of businesses in industries such as construction, technology (including media and telecommunication). Our dedicated underwriting team is based in London. The team has market-leading experience in professional indemnity insurance.
                    Do not waste resources by having to explain the challenges of your business.?We offer a broad range of products to financial institutions worldwide: we focus on large and/or complex risks, which we cover with comprehensive crime, professional indemnity and D&O insurance. Beyond standard products, we offer bespoke solutions for operational risks and capital relief products.

                    Your benefits in a nutshell?

                    Long-standing market experience
                    Bespoke solutions
                    Comprehensive portfolio
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